If you want to learn about yourself, train a dog. 

Girls with Gundogs is about identifying the challenges that a handler and a dog may be facing and working together to overcome them. Through developing the practical skills of training a gundog, you may find yourself surprised at how working with a dog can be a journey into learning about yourself.

Our goals include:

  • Teaching women Positive Reinforcement-based Gundog Training in a relaxed, supportive women-only environment
  • Encouraging the exploration of field sports
  • Fostering sportsmanship and conservation values among all participants

"The world is speeding up. It feels faster and faster than it has ever felt before. Girls with Gundogs is about taking a break from that. It's about getting yourself into a new situation, being outside with a dog, connecting to something natural, or primal even, that maybe you've lost touch with. It's a way to get women into the outdoors, it's a way to get women into conservation, and it's a way to get women into a field that's been dominated by men for a long time. That's the vision."

-Lee Lee Milner, Founder