Empowering women through relationships with their dogs and through experiences in the outdoors
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Hi, I'm Lee Lee Milner and I'm on a mission to get women into the outdoors.

I grew up with hunting dogs, mainly Labradors (like Goose pictured left), but I did not hunt much as a child. That came later in life. I tried hunting as a child, but it felt like it was something that the boys were meant to do.

As an adult, I learned to love hunting when I started to hunt with women. Hunting with women was fun and not intimidating. Through Girls With Gundogs, I hope to remove barriers that may keep women from trying something new, like owning and training their own hunting dog, trying shooting for the first time or even hunting. Whatever activity we have planned, our goal is to have fun with other like-minded women, in the outdoors, with our dogs!


Bio: Lee Lee Milner spent the first few years of her life on a farm in Grand Junction, TN, surrounded by labradors. After moving to Memphis and finishing high school there, she lived in several states before returning home to TN. She now lives on a farm in Rossville, TN, once again surrounded by labradors. To keep the lights on, Lee Lee works as a psychiatric nurse practitioner and a life coach. She is fascinated by human and animal behavior and constantly strives to learn more about what motivates us, what increases our self-awareness, and how we can learn to improve our communication with our peers and our animals. 


What's it like to work with Lee Lee?

I came across Lee Lee's Girls With Gundogs retreats while I was searching for dog training resources. The weekend retreats were not feasible because I live in Canada. Lee Lee accomodated my needs by promptly organizing video chats. Due to my great experiences and the positive working relationship we developed, my husband gifted me with a trip to Tennessee to work one-on-one with her and my dog. 

She is superior from other trainers that I have interacted with because of her strong theoretical knowledge and application of gun dog training in a family setting. Her knowledge of psychology helped me to understand how my behaviors were being interpreted by my dog. She is experienced in helping owners find practical solutions to apply theory to everyday situations and helped my husband and I come to an agreement about how to correct our dog. She continues to teach me how to create an environment for my dog that communicates clear boundaries, which enables me to form a stronger relationship with my canine and optimize the health benefits of dog ownership. -Amanda 



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May Every Woman Have a Hunting Dog

Being outside with a dog gets us out of our heads, forcing us to focus on the moment. As a therapist, I know the value of learning to be present. Dogs have the ability to help us cultivate that presence.

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A Moment in Time

It was a cold morning. I hadn’t had my hand on a gun in years, but the memory was there... 

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A Girl With a Gundog

Just a couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Legends of Dog Training luncheon at the National Field Trial Museum in Grand Junction, Tennessee...